There are more brands of spirituality afoot on our planet than Nike has basketball shoes. The word “spiritual” is now used for anything that feels good and/or gives one an ecstatic experience. From drugs to diving, by defining spirituality, humanity has again said, like the descendants of Noah who built the tower of Babel, “we can reach the heavens” and like Lucifer, “I will be like God.”  This is the result of rebellion in our flesh that denies God but wants to live under all His benefits. If we cannot admit our place in this picture, we do not yet understand the pervasiveness of sin.
Eugene Peterson once wrote, “For those who follow Christ, 'spiritual' is the adjective formed off the activity of the Holy Spirit… Spirituality is never a subject we can attend to as a thing in itself. It is always an operation of God in which our human lives are pulled into and made participants in the life of God whether as lovers or rebels.” Now that’s GOOD NEWS!
A “Christ-one” is someone who has decided to follow Jesus and exchanging the sin-filled life for the sinless life of the Perfect Man Jesus. Upon entering that relationship, one commits themselves to a path of development that is intended to align our practice with our new position. The sacrifice of Christ, received by faith, has made us Spirit-people, which makes us spirit-ual, now capable of saying “no” to the things to which we were formerly enslaved. To be in the process of becoming like Christ by the mediation of the Holy Spirit is true spirituality -- that's the bullseye. 
Wednesday, July 12, 2006
The bullseye, the bull, & the battle - pt 1