I'm just rambling a bit this morning, sipping my coffee. Like most sane people I want to live well, but I'm kinda slow. (I suck at the simple stuff!) Living life well can seem as futile as trying to get a better grip on the wind?! Once we get a grip, our grip slips! That’s why I’m starting to say, “Rod, hold your dreams lightly, hold your hopes tightly.” Sound upside down? I don’t think so. How many of you really ended up at the destination you thought you’d find when you began your adult trek? I’m not saying we should stop aiming at dreams, goals, making plans and future stuff - just that we need to aim at the really important stuff - and maybe it's different than we've been forced to swallow??
I’m going to keep dreaming, but at this point I’m holding my earthly dreams more lightly, learning (as in, on-going-not-there-yet-know-very-little) to submit to God first. I’m not sure I know the difference between a dream and vision until I wake up anyway?
If I'm really awake, living life well must mean to live in consideration of a life that exists beyond the present; a life lived aiming at eternity. Though life is very rewarding, most sane carbon units recognize that planted within them are the fingerprints of a life in another realm. Can't you almost smell it? We may not be able to explain it fully, but neither can we deny it. So then, squeezing every drop of truth out of every experience in this realm, whether good or bad, fun or not, should be the preoccupation of the sane, right? Why? Because we're packing for another place! This is my journey of course, but I process better "out loud" so I'm just sharing the oars as we paddle along together.
Some form of learning is important if we're interested in a life well lived, and in most cases I learn more from stooping than standing! (see blog on April 2) The path to that higher aim comes by a different route than I was taught to expect. So, living life well...hmm... I'm starting to think that success means something much different than I was taught, and that the measurements I learned to evaluate with must change. In the meantime, I'm still sniffing for the fragrance of another realm. I think a life well lived is one in which one is sniffing for the scent of heaven in every experience, good or bad, happy or sad, fun or none? Here's to packing for another place...
Friday, April 4, 2008
Packing for Another Place