My wife has been on my case about getting some more thinking time. She's right, you know. There can be no serious change – personally or corporately – without serious thought. I heard somewhere that “you have to take time to think. Thinking is like picking off the petals of a rose and letting then glide down the hillside, watching all the way." This is NOT permission to daydream – though that can be therapeutic at times. It is a metaphor about the possibilities that one finally realizes because time is set aside for thought. So I am going to be gone more often to a secret place – an island of my own. I need a fresh word – even if it’s an old truth. Truth is old, you know, because it has always existed in the mind of God. And I need to get hold of it for me. It preaches so easy, but lives way hard. I’ve got to hear God – to know Jesus all over again. This is the year of Jesus over anything else. So many voices … but I must hear His.  
Wednesday, April 20, 2005
Thinking time